Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2005-07-18 19:58:41 (UTC)

for whom the bell tolls

meeting grrls... there's a tough one for me.

often it's not so much the meeting, as the
"omg" he's fat, thing that tends to get me
into trouble, lol..

fortunately, I'm good natured enough now, to
realize that those are the exact type of girls
I would never be happy with anyways. I seek
someone with an open mind.. non judgemental..
fun, witty, highly sexual, secure in thier own
skin, and genuinely nice..

ok, so that might be a stretch, no one is completely
non judgemental.. but it would be nice..

Who knows, maybe I've met someone who fits the
bill.. of the last 16 girls I've met, I've dated
2 of them.. for not much longer than a month..
seems as though I little patience for closed minds.

one can only hope.. that I shall meet a princess..

if not, one can never have too many friends..