Moll Doll

New Life, New Day, New Page
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2005-07-18 14:00:47 (UTC)


Two more weeks left of STP isn't that super? I think so. I
can't wait till frog week I think that I will do well,but
only because I will have so much energy and feel like I am
further ahead then these weirdo dummy people. Payne is
exactly that a pain in my ass and I can't wait till the day
that he gets kicked out of college. He needs to shape it up
and step it up and stop acting like such a fucking douche.
He always talks about how this isn't a reality t.v. show I
don't think it is ,but he is definately one of the most
immature people here and well I wanna kill him or punch him
sometimes because he is so stupid. I don't care if people
like me or not they aren't getting rid of me so he can take
that insult and shove it up his ass!

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