Just a small bird wanting to fly

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2005-07-18 13:26:59 (UTC)


It's weird after reading all my vent in diary since
january.. I should even wrote more everyday.. to see how i
was coping....

I can see how stupid I was keep holding on to you...

I should have seen better.. you have ignored me since
february... coz you have her...you treated me like a
dirt.. coz you have her...

And yet.. you only kept holding on to "our supposedly
future' just because you think I can give you better

Hmm... Oh man.. how can i be so blind... I was begging
like stupid person... You are a changed person..
How can i be so stupid to even keep missing you until

So bloody stupid... and was even more bloody stupid to get
jealous over you & her.. ? and had tried to be sarcastic
in Friendster .... What's to be jealous about?
You are not worthy anymore.. you had kissed her and fucked
her.. it must have been easier to date her, rite.. coz you
can do her however you like...

What's to be jealous about..? that's what you want rite?
I am not good enough for you rite ? Stick with your
decision for the rest of your life....

jeez.. Why I kept missing our time together.. You changed
okay.. so what if you still have doubt in your heart?
so what if you know i ve been using other hotmail
account..? Why should i care for your heart ? why? u didnt
care about me... ?

How can i bloody so stupid for not seeing this...

Thanks God I ve been keeping all this journal... You are
just a person who doesnt know how to love.. and you are
turning the other way around with that bitch.. telling
everyone that I am getting rid a diamond to collect

Haha.. I want to see who is collecting diamond.. and who
is collecting stone...Uh.. i almost write some other
stupid thing in friendster.. lucky I read all these again..
lucky... lucky my friend stopped me...

I knew everything happened for a reason..
I trust in you , GOD

Good nite...

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