Nick's Journal
2005-07-18 04:22:20 (UTC)

Midgets are the cause of the housing bubble

if you are a financial geek like myself you are probably
well aware of the housing bubble that we are experiencing.
for those of you unfamiliar with a financial bubble it
simply is when something is priced far more than its really
worth simply dude to investor speculation. investor
speculation is basically when people are buying shit because
they see that they are worth a lot of money and then hope to
sell them to make a quick buck. this sort of shit was the
problem with the tech stock market bubble of the late 90s.
any idiot would see (or be told) that a stock was going from
10 to 20 to 30 dollars and instantly thought, well shit, i
should get in on the action cos if it keeps going up i'll
definetly make money. essentially this is happening with
the housing market. not to go into specifics but there are
two home-buyers.
1.) the people who want a home to OWN it. they are the ones
taking advantage of the low mortgage rates and are the basis
on which this bubble started
2.) the speculating investors (aka morons) they buy homes
not to OWN them but to do "a quick turnaround", so they buy
a home with the sole notion that it WILL go up and they WILL
make money preferably in a short period of time. they are
causing problems
so to move on. i am up past midnight (and i have to work
tomorrow, damn!) and i'm flipping through the channels and i
come across these two midgets (apparently identical twins)
who are dressed in business suits. they have this program
and a workshop which is (i feel
bad advertising it, i swear if you guys sign up i will hunt
you down and kill you). they are all about creating more of
the type 2 home-buyers.
the testimonials are mind-numbing,
"i made 18,500 dollars in just a weeks worth of work!"
"you don't have to be a landlord, just fix the place up. i
sold mine in 90 days and made a 100,000 dollars!"
i love their '7 steps to wealth' why are there always
single digit steps? it's never 23 or 34 steps. i guess it
would freak people out if there are more than i'd say about
8 steps. all of the steps are eye-rollingly generic. such as,
think differently
think big
find something you love to do and do it
i'm glad i have two midgets telling me these crucial steps
to obtaining my financial independence. and what exactly is
financial independence? is that not leeching off your
parents? i think i would lock myself in the room and cry
myself to sleep every night if my son came to me and said,
"dad, i no longer need your money, i have two midgets on my
side who will help me make a quick turn-around on real
estate sales and i don't even need a broker license!"
the combination of working as a paralegal in real estate
regulation and graduating in finance cause me to grind my
teeth when i hear these two midgets talk.
plus, i mean shit, nothing against midgets, i know they have
it hard and everything, but come on. am i the only one who
finds it odd that they are the face of their idea?
seriously why don't they have some upstanding 5'11 white guy
in his late 30s talking? they could still be the wheels
behind the machine. do they think the oddities help them?
it did keep me focused on the channel. nothing stops the
clickign than two midgets lounging by a pool saying the words,
"you think that doctors are smart people? no! all they did
was learn the specifics from someone who knew what they were
doing. that is all you need to do and that is why you
should come to our workshop."
are you shittin' me? are you absolutely shittin' me? and
what happens when the housing market goes down the tube?
when all of those people who borrowed against they home
equity and mortgages all of a sudden get hit in the face by
loss of equity?
can we come after the midgets? are they not to blame? i
don't now it pisses me off, i know they're just trying to
make a buck, but talk about lousy. there are some people
out there who seriously don't know what this is doing to our
financial situation. oh well, i guess i should quit my
griping and just enjoy their 7 steps. one question i have
though is this,
how many god damn wardrobes do they have? every time i turn
my head as i'm writing this to watch them, they're wearing a
new fucking outfit. is this to kind of catch you off guard
thinking, 'shit did they introduce another midget and i
missed it? damn!'