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2005-07-18 02:58:18 (UTC)

throwing in the towel

i know your going to come across this sometime it ok b/c i
have already told you b4 her annoying freinds have finnaly
left but nooooooo its toooooo fucking easy and make stooooo
much sense to put them on a fucking train to the airport
hell thats what i'd do if i were them seeing how they know
how expensive gas is here they don't give a flying rats ass
hell they aint paying for and mirabai is too dumb too see
that shes has been used and is still being used for fuck
sake i can't talk any sense into her this the fakest
freindship that i have ever witnessed and ya know its not my
business if she get walked on or taken advantage of after i
informed her otherwise but when it start hacking away at my
tiem to spend with her then theres a prob i have not gone to
when when they offered it to me just so i could spend time
with her and i am broke and in paying bills that were
created by coming to Ca for her hell, it was nice to get out
of Ga yes bbut just for a short tiem like she had said not
for the next few years the onlyh person this benifits is her
not me i am going to a school that i ass backwards and hell
everything i just can't do waht i did when i was in Ga i
have let myself down taking my own advice i can get
everyoneelse out of a jam but not my self i got here and i
do love alot and nshed knows that and thats why she i like
this i remember past girlfriends would be quite happy that i
came cross country for them and would take off work to spend
time with them hell, says she does and i belive her its the
fact that she takes it for granted is what it is, damn i
have mispellings all through this,......... well i don't
care i told her that i was ready to go back i talk to her
again but my friends are right if you do too much for women
they will take you for granted i hate to be so general but
the majority will and that is what has happended again i
just have to stop doing so much for her then she will she
what its lik eto have someone thats complacent b/c i can't
keep on like this i getting suckered b/c she knows that i
love every minuts with her thats why shes going on like this
b/c she believes that i will be her for her to ignore no
matter what and she does'nt think int those words but that
is it in a nut shell she does'nt think about her actions b4
she does them and maybe it not her fault at all b/c she
never had any one do so much for her she even said so so she
is ignnoring me unintentionally so maybe i need to blame
myself and get off my lazy ass and leave b/c i talk till i
blue in the face and she does'nt get it and just says that
she feels like shes not goods enough i'm tired of hearing it
so i told her shes got her 2 options and i've got mine the
last hing i'd want to do i leve her but it may come to that
b/c i would almost bet my paycheck that she'd never do all
this for me