my entity
2005-07-17 07:30:45 (UTC)

And so it goes...

Whew. I never thought that it was that long that I haven't
written anything in here. Oh well... so sorry about that..
Things really been tougher nowadays and I haven't got the
chance and maybe the will perhaps to write anything in

Well.. to start of.. I will try to records the things that
my human memory and heart can recall..I just hope that if
someone reads this will be blessed.

I will use the "backtrack" term for this.

Let me start bcktracking from now. I'm so happy inspite of
the sad moment I'm into.

I'm sad coz of what's happening with our country right now.
I'm sad coz of my current shift right now, which is 2-10pm


I'm happy because I was able to attend church service this
I'm happy that I was able to ask forgiveness and sorry for
what I did to my mother.
I'm happy that I was abot to eat lunch with my sister at

Most of all, I'm so happy because I am reminded of God's
love always. Thank you so much my Lord for always being
there... for always keeping me unto your arms whenever I
feel negative feelings...they are all always covered with
your love.

I'll just have to make another entry for the other

Ciao, God bless every one!