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2005-07-17 06:19:03 (UTC)

Another day

So today. I had to get up at like 10 because Stephanie
tutored me from 11-12 and we finished my assignement and
went over my exam that I totally bombed.

Then I had work from 1:30-9. I didn't even get to have
lunch because well I didn't have enough time. My dad gave
me $5 for food though. And he got the Harry Potter book
and I put it on hold until my break and then I got it with
my discount. And so at first there was like a gazillion
cashiers and I was like "Wow is there even anything for me
to do!?" But yeah. So Sarah was the supervisor today, and
I didn't even meet her till today. So then yeah. I had to
do some returns and I pretty much sucked at that. haha. I
didn't do very many because it took me forever to find out
where things went and then the mall cashiers called for
assistance so I worked at the mall reigisters until 5:30
and it sucked because there's only one new register there
and all the other ones are old and really crappy and
totally slow. So it was the slowest thing ever. And I was
on a machine for awhile where the debit only decided to
work sometimes. Then the machine just got screwed up and I
couldn't even use it anymore. So they closed down that one
and I had to go on another one. Then at 5:30 Jyoti cashed
us out and I had to go work at a front entrance till with
Ashley. And it was good. lol She's actually a fun person.
When I fist met her her voice seemed so monotone and she
seemed so boring and dull but I was wrong. lol we had some
funny talks. And omg I called in something funny. I forget
it though. Man. The other day there wasn't a tag or
anything on this pair of shoes and I was so tired and so I
pressed the announcement thinger button and I was
like "Could someone from phones- I mean SHOES- please call
301" and I turned back to the people and I was like "Wow I
can't belive I just called somebody from phones, I was
thinking about the phone and I just said it. How
embarassing!" lol man. I'm just that great. Hmm so yeah
after the mall closed business was pretty much slow. And
we had to clean the tills and stuff. And yeah my first
break (for "lunch") was at 4:00 and it was a half an hour
break so I walked down the mall and I got a donut and a
Crunchie from Safeway. haha. Then my other break was at
7:30 and it was just the 15 minute one and I phoned
Chelsea and Annette from my mom's cell. Because earlier
Michelle and my mom had come in to bring me motrin because
my back was killing me and they bought gum and a pj shirt
for Danielle and they gave me the cell too. So yeah.
Hmm... then after my break Ashley was off so I was the
only cashier. So that was pretty lonely/boring but it
wasn't too bad. I cleaned and did customers so yeah. And
then Sarah told me to cash out the end 3 tills, so I did
and she did some cutomers for me, then I went back to
doing customers and it was almost closing and these two
stupid ladies came up and it was like 9 and we were
closing and so they came up with like almost 2 cartloads
of crap and so I was ringing it in and they were like "We
don't want the whole box of all these cans, can we get
only 3 cans instead of buying the whole box?" and I looked
at Sarah and she said "No you have to buy the whole box."
And the lady just wouldn't shutup and so she eventually
did get her 3 stupid cans. And then the other lady (they
were related. You could just tell.) had all these clothes
and she must have NOT looked at the prices because she was
like "I'll get wait. I won't get it." And me and
Sarah just looked at each other thinking "What the fuck
lady. You don't pick and choose what you want now and make
me void like everything. We're like past closed now. Just
hurry the fuck up and get out of our faces." And she just
pissed us off. I just stopped trying to talk to her and be
all friendly because I was so annoyed by her that if I
opened my mouth to say anything I would have just freaked.
So all I said was "Its $7. Do you want it?" Like honestly.
She took until like 9:15 to get rid of and I was so
pissed. Then there was one more lady and she had 2 things
and she was nice. Especially since she had to wait through
the other two erghs before her. So yeah I didn't even get
to my locker until like 25 after 9. Then I was just gonna
walk home even though my mom told me to phone my
gradparents because they'd come to get me (my parents went
to Scott's tonight for dinner) and so I said bye to Sarah
and other people and started walking. And I was walking
down the sidewalk to the end of Zellers and I was about
halfway there and sombody shouted "NICOLE!" and so I
turned around and it was Sarah and she told me to come
there and I thought maybe I did something wrong or
something so I ran to her and she was like "Are you
WALKING home?" and I was like "Yeah." And she was like "No
you're not. I'll drive you home." And I was like "Oh no
it's ok. If you want I can phone my grandparents and get
them to pick me up but walking isn't that big of a deal."
And It wasn't even dark out or anything yet either. But
she insisted on driving me home so I let her. She's really
nice. I only met her today but yeah at first I thought
that she wouldn't be too talkative or anything but she's a
good person. So yeah. lol We had crazy talks on the way to
my house and we bitched about the stupid ladies. haha. Oh
and also earlier that day this older man and his wife were
buying stuff from me and he actually asked me how many
bitchy people had come through. It was so funny. I love
people like him. Nice and friendly and APPRECIATIVE. So
yeah. I got home a bit after 9:30. Yeah it took that long
to get out of Zellers. It was crazy. Me, Sarah and Ron
were the last people out.

Anyways. Then I came on here and me and Annette had the
craziest talk about BBR and our guy issues. Does Edmonton
end in a K? haha Yes it does. We're so silly. Annurism,
Applebrain. Holy wow. haha. So yeah but we had a sorta
intense talk about our guy issues. Because well its so
confusing. She feels the same way I do. Like somtimes I
don't know if I even really like him. I know I do but
sometimes I don't know why. Like yeah he's totally great
and an all around amazing person but maybe I'm just making
it all up. Liking him that is. Like what if I just think I
do and so I'm convincing myself I really do. Like
seriuosly. How totally messed up. Because do
you know if you really actaully like a person? Like you
can think you do but maybe you don't. How do you know if
its for real? If anybody out there knows the
answer....please leave me a message and help me out!

lol and I'm being totally cool again and listening to only
3 songs. Nuisance, Dive and Hands and Feet.

Also. News on Jodi's daughter Jackie having a baby. She's
been in labour since 4am yesterday morning. Like wow. And
her water hasn't even broken yet. And they don't have a
midwife or anything. And they're not going to the hospital
yet. So Jodi's kinda freaked out right now because Jackies
husband wants to break the water himself and since they're
not getting any medical help that could be really really
dangerous and like honestly, Jackie could get an infection
or something if he did that. Even so- being in labour for
that long definately isn't good. So something could be
wrong. So God...please make Jackie and her husband come to
their senses and go to a hospital or something because
they really need help and the baby needs to be healthy!!!
And also help comfort Jodi because I know she's definately
freaking out right now- especially since she can't be
there with her daughter! So yeah. And also I pray for
Annette who leaves for councilling at Birch Bay Ranch
tomorrow morning. So yeah give her courage and patience
and the right words to say. And also I thank you for all
the wonderful people in my life that I can talk to and who
care about me and etc. So yeah. THANKS!!! Amen.

So yes. Maybe I'll just make praying a part of my entries.
Because I can seem to do it here. So that works. Anyways.
My back hurts! Argh! I should really go to a doctors soon
because work only makes it worse. So I'm gonna go to bed
soon and hopefully I'll be smart and go to bed earlier
than 2am (lol like last night) but then again I don't have
tutoring tomorrow and I work from 12-5. So that's not TOO
bad. Anyways. Later!

"So if you'll take my hand, We'll close our eyes and count
to 3. And take the leap of Faith, C'mon lets go! I’m
diving in, I’m going deep, in over my head I wanna be..."
Love now and forever,

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