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2005-07-16 15:18:42 (UTC)


life's weird.

it has never been a bed of roses. people get hurt. there
are more tears than laughters. tears stay yet laughters
don't. when you look at life closely, you'll see that it's
indeed very broken and it will end in this tragedy called

so why do we even care? all our lives, we tried to prove
our worth to the world. we give our heart to some special
people and find it broken in the end. we cried, we
rationalise and in the end, we learn to accept that the
world is indeed an ugly place. when we have this kindof
mindset, people say you are pessimistic. but you say that
is being realistic.

sigh. i'm tired really. life's so weird and boring most of
the times that i feel like quitting. it's like repeating
each day with the same routine, same attitude, trying to
keep up with my good girl image. sometimes i feel so
depressed of this that i feel like taking anything i can
grab and throwing them to the floor.

i don't know. i mean life does not suck now. yet i have no
passion to live. i feel so sleepy everyday, so
unmotivated. i think i'm drowning, right in the middle of
the pool. with no one and nothing to grab at to keep my
above the water.

hah. i'm too lazy to think now. let's stone.

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