Hollow Years
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2005-07-16 14:15:00 (UTC)

You are bleak You are beautiful No matter what they say

My party tonight lol im scared incase people get bored or

I miss linzi and she came on the internet when i wasn't
on :(:( wah wah...

Tim came here the other day ive decided i dont like him as
anything more than a friend emma called me fussy kind of
got to me i dont think i am fussy i just don't see the
point starting something that i dont think will work im
not fussy i just want someone who makes me feel good
inside ermm i suppose special okay maybe i am fussy but i
don't want to waste my time in stupid relationships really
because im happy just being me at the moment and when i
feel right with someone and happy then i will want to be
with someone. so anyway yeah sorry

Everything is nearly ready now we have bought all the
drink but where buying more and we have got snacks. Sam
isnt coming :(:( kind of got to me oh well...

We will just have to see how it goes

[God only knows what i'd be without you]

I watched 3 films last night and this morning..Shall we
dance, Spanglish and Saved. They were all good :)

[I love it when you sing to me And you You can sing me

I'm starting to feel like the old me again which is good

Anyway i love every special person in my life they are
what keeps me happy day in day out :)

Miss you femme hope your having fun :)

Song: Funeral for a friend - History
Mood: Okay but tired