Daroon's Journey To University
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2005-07-16 12:34:59 (UTC)


Well, i'm back! It's been a good few days, so i guess
i'll start at the begining.

On wednesday i went round at about 6:00. Then we fucked
around for a while on the PS2. Then at half nine we went
and picked up Tom and Hayley and went to the cinema. Sin
City was amazing! Plus it was good to see Hay :D It was
nice, we were getting on ok and everything, but the little
things were weird, like standing next to her and not
holding her hand, and not saying i love you when i took
her home, just stuff like that, but yeah, it was good.

Then me and Andy went to Asda and bought some limes, so we
could give the age old unopened bottle of tequila at his
house a go. So we did. Oh. My. God. Never again am i
drinking tequila. It's the most vile stuff in the world,
plus we did it with salt and lime properly, and fucking
hell, the lime and salt were worse than the tequila! So
yeah, a bottle of tequila later and we were drunk but
didn't think we were that bad. Than Andy ran off to be
sick and never returned, so i fucked around for a while
then went to bed.

Then, the next morning, fucking hell, we must have been so
drunk. We got up at about 10 (after going to bed at about
4) and we were still drunk for most the afternoon, plus we
couldn't remember a lot of the night before!!! Fucking
hell, tequila = no-no.

Anyway, once again in the day we just fucked around. In
the afternoon we went to Tom's and then all went to school
to see if our professional ball pics were ready, which
they were not, and Andy dropped some textbooks back. Then
we dropped Tom off and went to Emilie's house in Downend
so Andy could pick up some of his cds. Then we went to
Asda to restock the drunk drink, and buy some for that
night, and stopped in at good ol' crispies for some munch.

We didn't get as drunk that night as the tequila was still
lingering roughly. But the drunken big brother housemates
kept us company once more...

Friday started early for me, woke up about 8:30, which IS
early. Anyway, i watched TV until 11:00, then left Andy a
message on me eyetoy and left (i didn't want to wake
him). So yeah, i had to go to Bath Uni with mum to check
everything was in motion that needed to be (i know the
route there now like the back of my hand!). Everything's
cool, i'm a priority case for getting the accomadation i
want (which is a relief because everything but what i
asked for was a dive), and they're processing my
application for a parking permit.

Then i dropped mum home and went back to Andy's - wow, i
can't believe that was just yesterday! He'd changed
things around in the back room (also my bedroom :P)
to 'party format' and things were looking good to go. So
at 6:00 we started drinking, and Portia arrived to set up
her music equipment, which never got set up as she had
already started drinking, so we basically drank for a few
hours before people started arriving.

It was a good party, Andy ended up fucking Portia, and i
think everyone walked in on that! Other than that i dunno
really, it was fun overall, but i got a bit bored towards
the end... Guess i didn't know that many people there

This morning i woke up a short while before Andy came in
to wake me up to helped clean up. Portia stayed over on
the couch i think, which was nice, i don't see her much so
it was good to see her the next morning too. So after two
hours of clearing up (fuck me, the amount of fag ends in
the garden) Portia left, i took Andy home, and here i am
once again!

I don't really know what to do now, rest for several days
i think, i feel full of alcohol... Gotta start on me room
at some point, still need a job, *mean* to start working
out but i doubt i'll ever get round to it, and Hay's going
away on the 22nd so i'm gonna see her before she goes at
one point (lol, i'm obsessed! :P). Actually, my sister
said we'd look after their hamster whilst their gone,
however my sister is also going away, as are my parents,
so *I* have to look after their hamster.

Well anyway, i think i'll go pass out.

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