Flying on broken wings
2005-07-16 04:10:36 (UTC)


Dear diary,

Tears seem to be my curse, I just know it! Gah! Well
anyway, news.. hm.. Well Kevin was supposed to come down
here yesterday, but he didn't make it. My brother, father,
and I were waiting up all night and till early hours of
the morning waiting to know what the answer would be to if
he could get another flight. That never happened, and I
cried myself to sleep that night, and in the morning I
just went to school with dead hope, and not even wanting
to smile. Then dad called me up, saying that if I could
get Kevin to call him, then he would make it so that Kevin
could still yet come down! I was jumping in my seat as I
stuffed pizza down my throat. I called Kevin- Well Texted
him, and told him that he had to call my dad, and he would
pay for him to come down here. I was so happy, but I had
to wait till the end of the day to hear what the final
word would be. Personally I was scared, I mean... He
missed my birthday on the 12th, and then missed this one.
The one before that, and before that. My hopes where slim,
but I had faith. Then dad called and told me that he was
coming down on the 30th, and I was so happy I cried.
Taylor hugged me, and smiled. Well I got home, and went
right for the net, well that was after I found out that if
I closed my eyes that I wouldn't fall asleep.

Well thats about all the news- Or not, I do have more.
There is the fact that I got to speak with Amber again,
that was nice. Hehe, I scared her... don't know if that is
a good thing. Oh well, *yawn* sorry, I am really tired
right now, so I think I will go to bed now. Night all, and
thank you JIll!

-Amy -11:10PM