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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-07-16 12:42:38 (UTC)

sub diary 15-07-05


i love fridays. it is the day i get paid :P. also i feel it
is the end of my week even though i work saturday and my
week end is in fact sunday-monday. saturday brings a
younger cliental into my store.

i am having a concern right now that i am a little
embarassed about so i wont discuss it here. i emailed
Master and He has been supportive of me. it is something i
am sure i can sort out with the help of my Master. there is
alot of conflict in my family right now and Master is fully
aware of this.

Wwe exchanged a few emails and even managed to chat for a
short while today. i didnt come straight home from work as
i wanted to check on a project i am making for someone. it
was about 2-30 in the morning for Master but He had waited
online to chat with me about my concern. He was so tired so
He went to bed only after i promised to ring Him in a few
hours. i did call and the talk was very vanilla as i had
asked Master if it could be. He is so understanding and
never pressures me into anything. He understands my
emotional needs so well. After talking for about 40 minutes
i had to leave to pick up a roomie.

when i got home i showered then did my nightly ritual..
talking with Master had relaxed me alot so i slept well.
thank You Master.

i love You Master,
slave jess {MJ}

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