Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
2005-07-15 23:38:16 (UTC)

Worst Enemy

Please don't leave me
With my worst enemy
Without you my self-esteem is at zero
Rather, it dips below
Without you I feel hatred arouse
Without you, all there is
Is my awful enemy
Please don't leave me with her!
Giver her time, she will destroy my core

Your smile
Your glance
Your voice
Your hand

I almost believe you,
Your compliments
When you're gone
All she does is argue
And my belief does perish altogether
The positive is gone
Only negativity left over
Without you I shall fall
I shall crash and burn
And continue downward

So I beg you
Don't leave me
She is heartless & unforgiving
Without you I'm merely me
Left alone with my worst enemy


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