slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-07-14 22:58:15 (UTC)

sub diary 14-07-05


almost the end of the week. i woke nice and early and began
my day. doing my morning ritual is so much fun. i love the
idea of practising waking Master in this way. i emailed
Master just before work and He replied instantly. i love
when this happens. it makes me feel connected to Him.

things in the store were slow so i decided to see if i
could get my hair trimmed just a slight bit. Master has
ordered that i must grow my hair long for Him but i am
allowed to get trims to keep it looking nice and healthy.
the girl said they werent busy and for me to just pop over.
big mistake as when i arrived she seemed a little stressed.
i asked only for the smallest amount necessary to be cut
off. My hair was to below my bra strap at the back...the
hairdresser was putting a colour in another lady's hair as
well as cutting mine..hence my hair is now shoulder length.
i cried and told the girl i was very upset. what did she
do???? she offered me some product and my next trim for
free..not this one mind you. i am no longer upset i am now
angry. but that is a waste of energy as my hair can not be
glue back on. i have told Master and He seemed to be
detached from the issue. He has told me to keep growing it.

i had chat program problems as well today and i was trying
to tell Master about a few of my concerns. it isnt easy to
explain things online so maybe it is best to just wait
until next Wwe talk on phone. i hope it is soon. my chat
program locked up so i was unable to even say good night to
Master. He did leave me a few offlines and one comment i
dont understand so i have to ask Him to explain that next
time as well.

it is time for bed now, just as Master is getting up. the
time and distance is a real trial for Uus. but Wwe will
weather it and there will be a rainbow at the end for Us.

i love You Master,
slave jess {MJ}

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