Loser In The Making
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2005-07-14 08:24:49 (UTC)

random thoughts

have you ever thought that instead of "retarded people", we
are actually "the retarted one"?

-i do every fucking day.. we're dumb asses!

have you ever woundered that you were put on this earth for
a certain reason that you shall never know?

-hah! i do! and i KNOW i shall never know!

have you ever had a dream.. and a couple days later it came

-hah.. sadly.. i have... erg.. it's my "special gift" that
i hate ohh so very much! i hate dreaming.. mainly
nightmares... grrr

have you ever found yourself wishing you would just zip
past your life.. and end up at the end of it.. and know
whats gonna happen?

-if that made ANY sense... i do. on some days. i have to be
really upset though. but to me.. i dont care if i die.. i
really dont.. if i die i die.. if i dont i dont.. i dont
care and im not gonna try and protect myself....

have you ever loved someone sooo much.. you wish you could
give them your life so they could live longer?

-i love my gramma kaiser soooo much i would give her my
youth so she could live on if i could! i want her to live
as long as possible. i want her to stay on this earth even
if im not here. i dont care about school any more... now
that i know she wont be there for my graduation....

have you ever wanted to be with someone sooo badly that it
drove people insane?

-meh.. i know i put that up there.. but im not gonna answer
to that one.. lol.. i take the 5th :-p

have you ever felt soooo bad for someone that it made you

-i felt so bad about one time that my gramma had surgery..
it was because of me that she did....... i felt sooo bad..
i cried for weeks....

i just have random things flowing through my head.. things
that arent even finished sentences... and that lead to
another thing so my sentences never get finished... its soo
odd. i have soo many questions i want to be asking people.
but i cant ask them. i would ask them if i had the
questions formed in my mind but i dont. and its soo
confusing. ugh. it doesnt make any sense.. so many odd and
weird ass things happen to me... and i hate it soo much.
like how i can either want something so badly.. or be
afraid of it.. terrified.. and ill dream about it.. and
sometimes it comes true. i know it could just be a random
thing and that it can happen to anyone.. but its been
happening to me my entire life.... ughness..... blah.. too
much shit on my mind...

Your Unanswered Boo.

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