The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
2005-07-14 04:31:32 (UTC)

Burn baby burn!

Dear Diary

I burned myself today. It was on accident. I was doing the
fry vat thing at work and the basket burnt the shit out of
my arm. It blistered pretty good. It hurt like a
motherfucker but, ya felt good. I was gonna cut
when I got home cause I was just about to have an anxiety
attack when I got there. Instead of cutting...popping the
blister and messing with burn has helped. It even felt good
when it happened. I didn't tell anybody at work cause we
were completely busy and swamped. UGH! Oh well.

Not much has happened. I talked to Kiddy a few minutes ago.
I'm waiting on my phone to charge up so I can call her
back. We arranged it to where we had a classs together. lol
General Pyschology. Woohoo! Go us! I know Mandy doesn't
like her but, oh well. I need a friend some where in my
classes. It's every MWF! I'm pretty about that. :)

Yuck...I'm gonna start my period like tomorrow or
something. I feel sick, that's how I can tell. I know I"m
preggers this month's just PMS sickness. Icky!

Well, I'm outtie. I'm gonna change the song that's playing
cause it's annoying. lol. TTYL