slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-07-14 09:18:27 (UTC)

sub diary 13-07-05


what a day!! because of lack of sleep my day seemed to
drag. i moved about in a foggy haze. my staff told me to go rude is that !!!!

i must admit i began my day after hitting the snooze button
3 times. i was wasting time before i did my morning ritual
but once i was lucid enough i began it with relish. oh
Master, i cant wait the day for this to be reality.

Master emailed me and Wwe did get the chance to chat for a
short while. i had gone to the doctor earlier in the week
and Master wished to know what the exact problem was and if
it had been caused by someone. i explained that the doctors
arent really sure what caused the problem, infact i may
have had it since birth. it doesnt cause me any real
worries and the only time i think of it is when i am due
for my 6 monthly checks. i made a comment to Master about
it which made him laugh.

i made a very nice dinner for my that Master
would have certainly enjoyed. i laid down after dinner for
a nap but was able to email Master a little later then i
went back to bed to do my extra task then my normal nightly
ritual. i slept really well for the rest of the night.

hugs & kisses Master,
all my love,
slave jess.{MJ}

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