Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-07-13 19:47:07 (UTC)

Can't you see**song**

Can't you see that I'm ok?
Can't you see that today is your day
Can't you see that I would love to play
Can't you see that there are things that I want to see?

Have you ever been like this?
Rejected and alone? Have you ever wondered why it came to
They abandoned you-Left you out in the cold
Cause you're the one to blame, you never really got it
You're the one that turns away from society
When you know you'll never be alright
You know that it's time to make your move
you know you can't break their heart anymore
You don't know if you even should
Come out like you did before
Be honest with yourself
Don't let the world push you away
Don't let the world drag you down again
Show them that you're not screwed up like me anyway

Can't you see that I'm doing just fine
Can't you see that you've got me playing
Can't you see what you've done to me?
Can’t you see that heart that you are slaying?

Don't you know that I've never been ok
Can't you see today is not my day
Can't you see I don't want to play
Can't you see for yourself, I'm excluded
Can't you see that I'm not just fine
Can't you see that I'm nit just playing
Can't you see I do this all the time
To the heart that I am always slaying

Why can't you see that I need your time
Why can't you just tell me that I'm a failure in your eyes
Cause friends can see past the hesitation if someone says
they're fine
It's because you can't even see past your own lies

Kendra Adams...July 13, 2005