DayDream Believer
2005-07-13 17:24:56 (UTC)

Im not quite sure what to..

Im not quite sure what to write, but its been a while.
Nothing new have happend, thoughts have been comming and
going, all kinds og thughts. I feel like everyone is going
somewhare, getting more and more sirious with their life
plans, and here I am, and all I have is my dreams and hopes
for the future. Im a bit nervous about the fall, what it if
I dont get acepted where I want to study? There are verry
few places and a lot of smart people who wanna take my
course. I know in the end it will be fine, if I get in or
not, but stil I cant help but worry, thats the kind of
person I am, the kind that worrys a lot.

Things are great with my famili and better than in a LONG
time with Tommy, we dont get to see each other much and
when we do we really apprichiate each other insted of
making bad comments, I love this romantic nice I wanna be
with you place we`re in right now, so does he, we miss each
other a lot, but you know what they say, appcence makes the
Anyway everything is fine, could not be better.