Autum's Leaves
2005-07-13 15:48:22 (UTC)

Too Hot to Handle

Well, my week has been interesting. I still have work
to do for the tourney this weekend at work, but it's
making posters so that's not too bad. Plus, I still get
paid to do it, so it's all gravy.

I've been...*thinks* I don't know, I've been craving
more than usual lately and I'm not really sure why. It's
ridiculously bad to be honest. Not as bad as that one
night, that shall remain vague and unknown, but still. I
wrote a story the other day, erotica. It was good though,
I really liked it. Sometimes I can write, sometimes I
can't. I just have to have the gift for the time being. It
was pretty bdsm related, not the pain aspect, because I
don't handle the pain very well, but was about
the power struggles. And the thing that attracts me to it
isn't really being dominated by someone else, I mean,
that's nice every once in awhile, but I like fighting for
it. You have to be in the mood to be submissive and in the
mood to be a domme. I tried to write a story with me being
the domme last night and just couldn't do it. I couldn't
get into what I was writing, so I saved what I had and

But, I sent the story out to some of the guys I still
talk to from back in the day, and el guy. He liked it a
lot, which was nice. I wasn't sure how he'd react to it,
but I banked on the fact that he was a guy. Everyone
really supported me on it though, which was nice. But,
once again, they're all guys and it's an erotic story, so
I don't really know if that means anything at all. I'm
going to let my girl read it and see what she thinks,
especially since she writes bdsm related erotica as well.
So, it'll be a nice challange to see what she thinks.

Going to see el boy tomorrow, which will be nice. I
feel like I haven't seen him in forever. We haven't talked
all week and I think we've only chatted online once. He's
been busy so I can't complain.

I went shopping with one of my guy friends online the
other night, haha. It was really nice to have someone to
shop with. We looked at corsets and some bdsm clubwear and
stuff, since I want to take my girl to one for a welcome
to college present. She can't be very out with it, so I
decided I'd take her somewhere were she could, and besides
I like the clothing style.

*sigh* I'm rambling about nothing important...feels
like its going to be one of those days.

*le sigh*