Moll Doll

New Life, New Day, New Page
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2005-07-12 23:55:59 (UTC)


Today was a very fabulous day. Let me tell you. We had a
test in English and a test in PHED... both went over well. I
felt that in English I was regurgitating a little bit. I
thought that it was a fun test. I loved the fact that when
we were marching today that one of the people assigned to
the platoon SGT position was definately a retarded idiot. I
mean one of the kids Collins always says " Do you have shit
for brains son?" and sometimes I think that this boy does.
It makes me real sad to think that ,but it is the truth. I
am told he is intelligent ,but it seems that he just doesn't
feel like using it or putting it to good use. He lacks the
common sense that he needs and so while marching he tried to
get the Platoon to say "Hey Hey Captin Steed" which was
totally out of order and disrespectful and I am glad that he
got caught on it. He deserves a pretty bad punishment. Other
than that the day went well we played combat soccer which
was fun,but at the same time the shin splints most def
killed me. I don't mind pain because I can keep going as
long as my two feet will pull me. We also had to do DC and
that was just harsh. I couldn't really get it together,but
then finally I did. So well, hey what can I say. When I put
my mind to something than I do it. Life is good and I won't
ever stop smiling unless I am about to pound a guys face in
which I often come close to doing. Fun stuff.

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