Moll Doll

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2005-07-12 14:54:32 (UTC)

The Slug

The Slug:
This morning and about every morning she lacks the energy
or effor to help out the rest of the ladies. She doesn't
help out with duties often and most of the time she just
sits in her room in front of the computer. We nicely
suggest things to her, but most of the time she retorts
with an attitude. It frustrates the rest of us because we
scramble around trying to get things done, but she just
goes around half assing everything. She hasn't snapped back
into this reality to what exactly she has gotten herself
into. No more mommy and daddy, no more YOu, we are now a
team. I have no idea how she is going to make it here
because of her attitude and way of thinking are just
getting in the way.
For example: This morning we were required to stand
outside of our doors at first call for room inspections.
All the rest of the six girls were standing at eae ,but she
felt that she was special and could lean on the wall. Who
crowned her the princess? We are all equal and we need to
be the same. One of the squad leaders tried to correct her
and she did the whole hip, and crossing her arms thing. She
corrected herself for a second and then went back to her
perch. We are told everyday to hold ourselves up. I then
told her again to stand up. Even thouhg this week I have no
leadership I would still like everything to be orderly and
to help out. I told her to stand on her own two feet
because that was what they were for and that she didn't
need to stand like she had an attitude and should be like
the rest of us. The squad leader again agreed. This time
she stood up, but only after spouting off. What she said I
could not here because she was too far away. It wasn't
polite and it was said in a mocking tone. We also tried to
correct her hair so it would be off the collar and again
she had to talk back. It happens all the time this wasn't
the first ,but now it is just coming to the point where it
frustrates us because she is such a slug.

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