Hollow Years
2005-07-12 08:49:36 (UTC)

I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me

(8) you look so good in bleu You look so good in blue!!!!!

Yesterday i felt like i had sun stroke it was soo hot so i
came in quite early and didnt get to see my linzi so
hopefully i will get to see her today. We then went to pap
luigi's later on it was fun Lee drove us home i have never
been so scared in my life could have killed me with that

Helen slept last night we watched Pretty in pink i love
it :) [I love Duckie] 3.....

[I love you...Always]

Well im off now because i want to talk to my linzi on MSN
because im nearly crying remembering how much i am going
to miss her and her ways :'( wah wah!

Love you Linzi

Song: Sum 41 - pieces
Mood: Good

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