Loser In The Making
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2005-07-12 07:18:27 (UTC)

umm like yeah...

well.. yesterday i had a freaky ass dream. i drempt that my
parents got back together.. and we moved back into my old
house. but the thing is.. the dude that malested me lives
in that neighborhood.. and of corse my mom sends me and my
brother over there to say hi.. and well.. he raped me. it
was a FREAKY ass dream.. when i woke up i was sweatin
really badly.. and then i looked at the computer and i had
a message from travis.. and talked to him.....

i couldnt sleep last night. i had soo much stuff on my
mind. like questions i want to ask someone but cant find
the words to.. so i wrote a note. i doubt they'll get it
though.. im such a chicken. *shrugs* ohh well. i couldnt
like.. get him out of my mind.... for some reason. so i had
to write down lil poems that were poppin up in my head..
and stuff like that.. which took me a while to find
something to write on.. and something to write with....
god... i havent seen travis in days... i miss him soooo
fucking much! and andie always talks about andrew.. and
that makes me miss him even more.. and like i was hanging
out with andie today.. and she kept talkin about andrew...
GOD! i miss him :( and it sadens me :( and like... yeah...
i wanna give him the note.. but most of my questions are
still scrambled about in my head.. and i cant form them
into words.. i seriously cant.. i try and try and try.. but
i just cant!!! and i dont know why.. ughness.. this sadens
me even more!! :( godness! i think im going insane... :( I

Your Weird Ass Boo.

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