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2005-07-12 04:16:28 (UTC)

My Amazingly Amazing Getaway

Ok so on friday I came home from school and packed and got
ready to leave at 6 and I was extremely excited!!!! Yay!
Then my parents dropped me off at church on the way to my
mom's soccer game and so we all met there and at about
6:30 we were on our way. I rode in Uncle Erics van with
Steven, Karen and Alex. lol I got the whole back seat to
myself and so I slept. And lol yes. We arrived at camp at
abour midnight. And me and Annette slept outside. And I
saw shooting stars.

Saturday- White water rafting. I was in a raft with
Andrea, Julia, Branden, Alex, Grant, John, Josh, Kelly and
a guide and another guy. It was so much fun. I fell out 2
times. Once because Branden was falling in and he pulled
in Alex who pulled me in too. It was amazing.

Sunday- Hiking. It was totally extreme. Wow. Really steep
at some points and really hard. I got sunburnt. And eaten
alive by mosquitos. Team Rock rocks. Haha. I made it to
the top. It was worth it.
I drove home in Jodi's car with Annette, Jacqui and Alex.
And after we stopped in Old's for supper at A&W (haha
funny story) Alex drove the rest of the way. It was fun.
We had some really intense talks. It was great. And I made
a bracelet for myself and Alex.
Then after we got back to the church Alex drove me home
and I got home at almost midnight.

Then today Math sucked and work was ok. A man almost made
me cry. But I really gotta go because I'm dead tired and
sore from the hike and yes. Later!

Love forever and always,

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