My usually fucked up life...
2005-07-12 03:25:31 (UTC)

Yeah I know....

I haven't updated this in like a while...and for that I am
sorry to anyone that happens to come across and read this
regularly...I haven't really had much going on in My
life...just the same shit...I'm single and living at home
with My family AGAIN...I still can't find a damn job and
can't afford to get out of this house. My sister is due any
minute now to have her first baby....a girl...that's about
the only decent thing going on....being a new life
coming....I only hope that it is okay and grows up normal
and doesn't have a fucked up life like I did....sorry, I'm
just not really in a talkative mood so I'm going to just
make this short and close it out.

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