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2005-07-11 22:10:12 (UTC)

My Day Off

Here is the account of my Monday off.

The tale actually starts on Saturday afternoon when I got
a call from work telling me where to go on Monday. So, I
called Jackie (the scheduling coordinator) for like the
thousandth time to explain to her that I didn't work on
Mondays. I used to work every day, until my boss started
yelling at me about not working any overtime. So, I now
take Sundays and Mondays off.

Monday morning at around 7am, I was awakened by a call
from my boss. "We had some scheduling problems", he
said, "and some people didn't get their assignments for
today. Do you work today?"

"No", I replied, for the 1001st time. "I don't work
Sundays or Mondays".

I went back to sleep and forgot about the entire ordeal
until around lunchtime, when my phone rang again. Could it
be someone I want to talk to? No, it was my boss again.

"Yeah, so we kinda fucked up here. Somebody quit, and we
didn't schedule anybody else in store 757, so you have to
go build some stuff for delivery tomorrow."

Whatever, I thought. I guess I could use the money.
Unfortunately, as I got to the store, things got a whole
lot worse.

The work that I was supposed to do wasn't there waiting
for me as I was promised by my boss. I had to go searching
through Lowe's to find it. Secondly, my assmebly area was
full of trash, making it a 20 minute ordeal to get to the
computer to sign in.

As it turns out, it was all for naught, as the computer
wasn't working anyway. It seems my predacessor erased all
of the codes necessary for me to sign in.

All in all, it was a wasted fucking day. I could have been
home drinking beer and watching "The Simpsons". Instead, I
was at work because somebody with more power than me
decided that I needed to be the one to cover for everyone
else's fuck-ups.

Webster's dictionary defines "Day Off" as "a day in which
one takes a break and does not perform regular duties".
Perhaps my boss reads from the Oxford.

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