void deck
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2005-07-11 15:48:39 (UTC)


it has been 2 months since the school holiday started. these
are the things i have been up to for the past 2 months.

1. Working at provence.
I have been spending most of my holiday in provence. work
was quite painful at first. i used to look forward to the
next off day. but as time goes by, i learn to love it.
somehow i feel a sense of attachment albeit not much.
I never knew that working there could teach me so many
things, especially about not judging the book by its cover.
I think i have grown up a lot as compared to last year.

2. Getting some new tutees.
Good source of money yet i am not really enjoying it. i
am not very academically inclined and i dread looking back
at the things i have learnt in secondary school and jc days.

3. Having new roomies.
Yee Shan - build a pretty good relationship with her in
the past 2 months.
Lee Ting - been with her for 2 days and looking forward
to more days with her.

4. Reading books.
Not really up to my target. but at least i tried.

5. Sleep study.
Horrible and paid miserably.

6. Understanding my self.
I thank God for having a more stable emotion now. Not
feeling much is good for my mental health. Getting in touch
with my inner self and understanding my purpose in life. Not
really getting there yet but i'm sure i'm on the right track.

I am wondering why he has not been online for some time.
maybe he's busy with his sister's wedding preparation.

I am still considering if i should minor in english studies.
i am too scared to do so yet i know i want it so much.

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