The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-07-11 03:39:21 (UTC)

Trouble in Paradise

Dear Diary

Ya know, everytime I write in this thing, it seems I have
something to complain about. Atleast last night I wasn't
crying...I'm sitting here in tear over Joey. Yes, Joey,
again. He got pissed at me cause while we were on the
phone, I kept having to talk to other people and not talk
to him. Then dad maybe me get off the phone cause Ihad to
watch my brother for some fuckin' reason. FUCKER!! My dad
that is! Anyways, Joey got all pissed and wouldn't even
say "I love you" like he usually does or anything. I don't
kow what I'm supposed to do to make him happy. I konw we're
falling apart. I know this but, I'm tryung so hard to hang
on to him. He's the only thing that makes me atleast
halfway happy right now. I can't lose him or I'll jsut fall
into a major deppression again. NOt good. Not good.

I'm the only one having a bad day. Johnathon broke up with
Emily. Great. Now I feel like it's my fault. She hasn't
said it is but, I sure she thinks it. Atleast he hasn't
called me. That would just put the icing on mly cake. I
hate icing! YUCK! Well, I know it's not my fault. She was
smothering him anyways. I guess I shouldn't worry. Only
makes me feel worse.

Well, I know I'm not supposed to eat but, when i get upset
I get hungry and thirsty so...I'm outtie to go pig out on
Banana pudding and MOuntain Dew!! MMMMMMM See ya :(


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