La Vida Mia
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2005-07-11 03:03:11 (UTC)

July 10, 2005

well, where to start? i quit my job because i was suppose
to start another tommorrow, however that job has been
posponed until later this month. wtf? so i signed on for
another job but werent interested which is cool because i
got a call to be a research assistant. GOD! i hope i get
it. it pays shit but it would be so awesome. i can get a
night job or something to help me supplement income.

im also going to japan. im very excited. i planned to
finance it with the job that got postpone and if i dont get
the research assistant job ill take the postponed one since
i know im in. either way im going to japan for the world
expo. im not missing that. its about the environment and
resource management and all the stuff im gunning for.

finally, the other night i saw him online again. he was
drunk, so that was great. he didnt want to talk because he
was drunk and i knew that ment he would tell me what he was
really thinking and stop pretending to be such a hard ass.
well it worked out since he gave me his number and asked me
to call him later. i called him five minutes later. made
me really happy.

so i went out with jeff, went to this party, started out
kinda lame but picked up. i miss college. anway i was
getting drunk, pretty drunk(im starting to work on my beer
tolerance) and jeff took my phone. he was being nosey and
shit and saw my boys name. said that i had friends with
cool names and that his friends didnt. i said "hey why
dont you call him, i doubt hell answer, were not doing so
hot." so jeff calls him and fuck if life aint a bitch, he
answers. well for starters that made me feel great since
it was like 2am and he answered his phone. i was friggen
beaming but had to pretend that i wasnt so nobody would
know what this kid means to me.

anyay im hanging out, watching tv, total darkness and i get
this feeling to look over at my phone. its not ringing, no
vibration, his speacial ring didnt go off. ABSOLUTELY NO
INDICATION anyone is calling me except his name in the
window. well shit i almost had a heart attack.

so i answer it, we talk and stuff. it was really nice. i
asked him what his deal was. he says "i dont really know
how to categorize my feelings about you". that is awesome,
AWESOME! we talked about the message i left and how he
thinks its an ultimatium and anybody else who heard it
would have thought the same thing. it probably was. then
hes like "you wanted me to declare my love for you". well
fuck. yes i do, but i dont expect him to. but that he
said that, AWESOME! this kid likes me. more than likes
me. i know it, got this feeling. hope its not wrong, hope
it gets righter and righter. Please God.

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