Jenny's Journal
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2005-07-10 17:53:42 (UTC)


A few days ago I made a quick trip to the beach. I figured
I'd kill an hour in the sun and then go on home.

I found a $5.00 bill partially stuck under my tire in the
parking space. Not seeing anyone to whom it looked like it
belonged, I kept it and took it as fortuitous.

I was going to use the money to get a soda but ended up
parking in across the street from the convenience store and
ran into a bead shop before I got there. :)

I couldn't walk past that bead shop without walkin' in.
It's one of my favorites. The first thing that greets me at
the door is a small bowl of quartz crystals for sale for
$3.00 each. I had to get it, I just HAD to! lol I picked
out the quartz that spoke to me the most, with good clarity
and nice inclusions.

It was hot and I was too thirsty to really inspect it
throughly, just enough to know it was the best of the
bunch. I figured I would inspect it later in the sun. It
was only $3.00, so if I got it I would still have two bucks
left for a soda. So that sealed it. I was shoppin'!

I should have left right then, but this beautiful, quartz
pendant mounted in silver just JUMPED right out of it's bin
and into my basket! When I looked at it's inclusions they
resembled a snow peaked mountain with clouds or a snow
storm near the base. Now how could I put that back in the
bin with all the others when it was only a buck? I still
had ONE dollar for my soda.

But then I remembered that I had $14 more. So I splurged a
little and bought one last item, a $3.00 deep black
sunstone that glittered like the night sky. It was so
soothing just to stare at the bright, glittering twinkle it
had when moved the slightest bit. It was almost hypnotic!
Strange as it sounds, it was actually soothing to the eyes!

Oh, yeah, I finally got that soda. You would have thought
I'd be dyin' of thirst at that point, but I was so thrilled
with my new crystals that I didn't even notice.

I made my way back home and set them in the direct sunlight
for a while before washing them in pure water.

I wore the pendant (love the "friendly" energies it holds)
and gazed into the stand-alone quartz piece. I gazed at it
for a long time, carefully looking deeply into it's every
detail. When I looked at it in the sunlight it appeared so
clear with bright white internal streaks with a prism

When I got ready for bed I turned off the lights and lit
some of the ginger incense a customer had brought back from
Hawaii as a gift.

I set it up on a small upside down mini-tealight holder (to
make a small clear stand for it) and lit a candle behind
it. The candle made it glow as brightly like you would
imagine, with the interior amplifying and reflecting the
candles light back and forth within the quartz.

I relaxed my eyes and cleared my mind as I gazed at the
quartz in the glow of the candle light. I was looking into
it to enjoy it's beauty, nothing more. To my surprise I
began to see "images" in the stone. I don't know if that's
just like "thinking" you can see this or that in the random
shapes of clouds or like the gypsies who gaze into crystal

I waited until I felt I had seen all that I was going to
see from each angle before turning it to another angle.

You would think you would see all kinds of sweet, pretty
crystaline things like waterfalls, angels, snowy mountain
tops, etc. But I very clearly and repeatedly saw a series
of images that I didn't expect.

I think I'll follow Stevie Nicks advice and keep my visions
to myself. I was sleepy so I closed my eyes and imagined
that I could use that "third eye" we've all heard about. I
figured, in for a penny, in for a pound, why not give
it a shot? I held the stone in my hand and drifted off to
sleep. It was still there when I woke up.

When I got up I went to go tell Mom that I had had a
premonition about something. She was on the phone so I
didn't interrupt her. Before I could say anything I looked
at her TV and there were images on the news that looked
like what I had seen the night before.

I was stunned and it felt surreal for a moment because of
what I had seen just the night before. Then I started to
put two and two together and wondered if maybe it hadn't
been only my imagination.

I don't know how much mystical crystal humdrum I believe
in. I believe that any reflective surface can help us to
relax our eyes, clear our minds, and give us a surface to
look into.

Have you ever heard of the phrase "minds eye"? I don't know
if that refers to the imagination or to that thing we call
women's intuition. But I believe that some people are more
sensitive than other people.

For example, have you ever gotten a strange, creepy,
uncomfortable, "bad vibe" from a place, person, or a thing
and didn't know why? Or had some image you don't recall
seeing before stick in your mind all day? That's the
sensitivity that I am talking about.

Something that has a "magical" mystique about it like
quartz, clean, shimmering water, etc, has always helped to
trigger that sensitivity in people. Sometimes all it takes
is just looking into a glass of red wine in the candle

The whole thing was bizarre. I don't usually go seein'
stuff in crystals and all of that, ya know? I have had some
dreams that I felt might be warnings but never anything
while I was awake. And I was awake when I "saw" all of that
in the crystal.

When I first woke up I could recall it in detail, but the
memory of the whole thing is getting more distant the less
I think about it. Like when you wake up and know what you
drempt of, but then trying to tell someone, days later,
what you drempt.

Last night I was curious, so I thought what the hell,
give it a try and see what happens. I looked into the
quartz crystal again, but this time only saw it's
beauty, no images. Whew! lol Kinda felt like maybe I
didn't really wanna KNOW for a while there, ya know?

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