Daily Journal
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2005-07-10 03:05:41 (UTC)

July 9th

Hello my Master,
I know I've really been slacking off with my journal
entries and I apologize. I have no excuse and I'm going
to try to keep up with them now. Hmmm, what to say. I
feel like I'vwe already told you almost everything because
I talk to you on a daily basis on the phone. It's so
nice. I feel like we've gotten a lot closer just this
last week because we can just talk everyday about
whatever. Its different than online, a lot more
personal. I know you've said that, but I want you to
realize that I really enjoy that time. I just love
hearing your voice. Hmmm, so I guess I'll tell you about
my day after I talked to you this morning. Ok, well work
was pretty uneventful. It went by relatively quickly
except about the last two hours. Those just dragged on
FOREVER. I got off at 4 and came home and watched a
little TV and ate some ice cream that I got on the way
home and read my mail. I got the new Mary Kay catalog so
now I'm going to have to resist the urge to blow my whole
paycheck on makeup, lol. Then I went with my parents to
pick up Sam from a friends house and we went out to dinner
at Sakura, the Japanese steakhouse my sister loves. We
went to celebrate the fact that she got on the highest
competition team for dance. I'm pretty sure I already
told you about that. Theres just not much to say here
since we talk everyday now without repeating myself. I
was so tired that on the way home I fell asleep in the car
and then I came inside and went right back to sleep. My
mom kept trying to get me to get up and put PJs on and
just go to bed for the night, but I was just like
completely out of it and didnt want to get up. I slept
for like an hour I guess and then my sister screamed idea about what. And I woke up. So I
decided to actually get up and get ready for bed. And
when I did I realized I wasnt all that tired anymore. So
since I was planning on watching that movie I rented and I
wasnt sure if I'd get to before it was due back if I didnt
watch it tonight I decided to watch it. I know I told you
which movie it was ealier, but in case you cant remember I
watched the Jacket. I actually liked it. It wasnt
amazing or anything, but it was interesting and something
different. Plus it always helps the Kiera Knightley (not
sure I spelled her name right) was in it. I think she's
really hot like not in just a wow shes supermodel gorgeous
was. Theres just something about her, shes probably my
favorite actress right now. But anyway the movie was
pretty good and I just finished watching it a little bit
ago and now I'm writing this. I'm not that tired now, but
my mom wants me to go to bed since I was so tired earlier
and I dont think getting a good nights sleep will hurt
anything. Its 11 now, so if I go to bed now and get up at
about 9 then thats 10 hours of sleep. Which is plenty to
catch up on sleep and then I'll just be a lot better off.
I know I've been getting as much sleep as you get, but for
some reason I just need a lot of sleep. I think it may
have to do with my age, they say teenagers have different
sleep patterns and need more sleep. Alright well I'm off
to bed now. I'll get up at around 9 and then get ready,
so I should be online around 10:30 or so to talk to you.
I have to be at work at 2 so that'll give us a few hours.
Then I can also call you during my dinner break. Alright,
I love you my Master. Sleep well, goodnight. *hugs and

Your pet,