Hollow Years
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2005-07-08 22:38:54 (UTC)

I feel your heaven never felt it before

wooooooooo hooooooooo :) lol i liked today it was fun...

This morning i went ot my emmas why she got ready then we
went to wigan were we saw nat and kt and we just went
shopping and ate at the coffe house then i saw paddy not
seen him in ages bless him erm then nat invited me to her
house so i went :) it was really fun.

There was nat kt nat mason sanjay (cant spell but he is
really nice :)) avril (who is soooo good) jess and john.
I loved it :)

Can't wait to go out tomorrow lol it really cheered me up
becaus ei was in such a bad mood but now i just realised
what nice people there are and i so cant wait to go to
college and to go on hol :) its going to be soooog good :(
but i dont want linzi or nat or anyone to go on hol
because i will miss them so much :( atleast i will have
emma!! :)

Anyway tomorrow is calrs birthday and we are going to his
house at the night :) and in the day we are going to the
coffe house and eating a choccy cake lol and im gonna put
a candle in it :) aww i love him!. We (me emma nat and kt)
have all bought him a present together im so proud of
it :) i hope he likes it one of the presents is a picture
of us all in a photo frame :D lol how good! lol anyway
after that im sleeping emmas so yeah all good.

Im really not going to let anything get to me anymore well
im not going to let anyone get to me because i really am
in a happy stage were i just want to let everyhyting
happen i actually feel like myslef like i did before last
summer :) i think tonight meeting new people did it lol
ooo its soo good lol :)

Well im going to go now on a happy thought because Dan has
come online :) hes so sweet lol

bye bye

Song: Bowling for soup - get happy
Mood: It's alll good

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