life of a teenage drama filled life
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2005-07-08 21:44:32 (UTC)

Life sucks.

So, I have had yet again, the worst week of my life. On
Wednesday i found out that Aaron, boy i have liked for oh,
i dunno, two years, made out with kim, girl i have hated
for a buttload of time. I seriously have never hurt this
bad in my entire life. i feel like my heart has been ripped
out of my chest and fed to me. to make things even better,
i wasnt supposed to know. Aaron actually told tommy that
if anyone found out, he would tell cody that tommy smokes
pot, which if you ask me, is really effed up. Now that
aaron knows tha ti know he is afraid that i am going to be
pissy towards him and give him the cold shoulder, which i
have to say, sounds like a really good idea, but i am not
gonna do it. I mean, i cant really hold it against him
because we arent dating, i just like him. I suppose i will
just put up a wall between me and him so that maybe i can
stop liking him and then it wont hurt as much. I
dontknow. I mean, now kim is like oh, i didnt want anyone
to know because i dont want gabby to get hurt, well, if she
didnt want me to get hurt then why did she do it in the
first place, imean ,come on kim honestly. I really think
that it makes her feel better about herself to hurt other
people, me in general. But whatever right, i mean, she
isnt even worth the hassle. but i hurt so badly, i dont
think that i will ever recover.

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