Autum's Leaves
2005-07-08 20:22:18 (UTC)

The Mini Series

This is a mini novella that I wrote a long time ago,
that's still in progress, and will be till the day I die
I'm sure. All the names in this document have been
changed and all the occurances are based on real events,
and real people, you'll just never know who they really
are and neither will they, since I've skewed reality so
much. Enjoy.

Life Through Different Colors.

A dark haired, dark eyed girl sauntered down the crowed
upstairs hallway. It was time. Her heard skipped a beat as
people filed out of the last classroom at the main
stairwell. There he was.
Dave Young chewed on his pen and slapped Bobby on
the shoulder. A dull whack bounced off Bobby’s football
Dave wasn’t exactly a guy people looked at. He was
overweight and had a tendency to wear clothes that weren’t
necessarily clean. He owned only four pairs of pants and
six shirts, four of which he had bought during one of
Amber’s last shopping sprees. Before he ever turned to
walk down the tiled hall, he knew she was there.
He turned, there she was.
Amber flashed one of her biggest smiles and waited
patiently for Dave to walk over to her. Her heart was
giddy, even after four months and having done everything
she could muster his mind to do sexually, she didn’t know
why he always made her heart skip. Maybe it was the shaggy
dirty blonde hair, the deep cornflower blue eyes and his
adorable teddy bear appearance.
Maybe it was that he was good at sex.
“I missed you,” she snuggled into his chest.
“I missed you too baby,” he reached his hand down
to one of her breasts and got a quick squeeze before Amber
was able to swat his hand away. She rolled her eyes and
feigned frustration, although she wallowed in his public
display’s of affection. Dave guided her around a corner
and pulled her close.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t stay with you last night. My
Mom came home at like, nine.” If there was anything the
two of them liked more than anything, other than each
other, it was getting to sleep together.
“It’s okay, I understand,” Dave stopped her at the
entrance of his math class. A standard class Amber had
taken two years earlier. It wasn’t that he was any less
smart than other people, he was just a slacker.
“Am I going to see you today?” She already knew
the answer, but thought, Why not? She could hear that
either he didn’t know or was hanging out with the guys two
blocks early.
“I don’t know.” Go figure.
“Well, I’d like to see you if that’s possible.”
“Okay, I’ll fit you in…maybe,” Dave smiled sweetly.
Ah, the smile that made Amber melt.
“Yeah, well write me in you bastard.” They laughed
and he wrapped his arms around her, engulfing her. Amber
breathed deep and smelled his smell. Something between
dirty clothes, stale cigarette smoke and spit made up a
certain eau de’ Dave. Not exactly the Curve for Men Amber
loved, but it smelled like home.
“I love you,” he leaned over to kiss her.
“I love you too.” The exchanged a quick peck and
hurried off to their next class.