2005-07-08 16:57:45 (UTC)

I Want You

I want to fuck you beside railroad tracks
as freight trains thunder past
manmade wind and noise and oil perfume
and the kinetic rush
of a thousand tons
gliding and screeching past
the feel of the earth rumbling beneath us.

I want to fuck you near Cape Canaveral
as the shuttle reaches and roars toward the sky.

I want to fuck you in sight and sound and taste of ocean
mountains, prairie, desert, glacier
in the deepest primeval forest
during a raging lighting-storm
near the Grand Canyon
on the moon.

I want to fuck you in the magic sphere
of Nature's vast power flowing within and between us.

I want to fuck you during an earthquake
near a roaring volcano
in the midst of a hurricane and tsunami.

I want to own my own home and gather
all the internal strength I'd feel there
then you come to me unannounced in the night
or afternoon
when we haven't seen one another
in days, weeks, months, years....

I want you to devour me and me to devour you
tigers hidden among the suburban forest
of aluminum siding
roaring and then apart
treasuring the gifts of passion and life we share.

Just thinking about you turns me on
as if you helped me find a new switch
that's always been a part of me
but one I couldn't see before.

I want you as much as I can
as often as I can
as thoroughly as I can
for as long as I can.

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