Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
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2005-07-08 03:26:19 (UTC)

Why, God?

Why, God?
Why can't You just take it away?
I don't need it.
I certainly don't want it.
I positively hate it.
Why can't You just take it away?
Give it to someone who NEEDS it.
I despise it so.
Take it away.
Give me one little miracle.
It won't take much
Just work
Your magic
Please, God, please.
I ask of You.
I beg of You.
This one tiny thing...it's removal.
That'll ease so much; it's unbelievable
Why in the first place - I'll never know.
It doesn't matter,
As long as You take it away.
And not let it show.
Please, God, please.
Take this away from me.


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