Autum's Leaves
2005-07-08 02:09:43 (UTC)

Short Story


It had been raining since the early morning hours.
A hurricane was making it’s way up the east coast and
everyone was feeling it’s effects.
She sat at her computer, wasting the hours of the
day, mostly just because she could. It was her day off,
and all she wanted to do was just relax.
An IM popped up. A guy she had met before on a sex
personals site.
“Hi, how r ya?” She almost cringed at the bad
“Good, just wasting my day.” The conversation went
on and turned as it always did, to sex. Although this time
something was different, she was monogamous, for the first
time in almost a year, and no one seemed to understand
what monogamous meant. She clicked off the IM’s angrily as
more people wanted to know when she’d be “visiting.”
Then it happened. He said hello.
Her heart beat faster, like it always did when he
talked to her. He wanted to know what she was doing, that
he missed her, that it’d been too long. It was Mark. That
beautiful excuse for a human being, whose one purpose in
life was to be the best lay anyone could ever ask for. If
there was ever a test, ever a god sent challenge, it was
But, what about Grant? She touched her lower lip
remembering. Remembering his lips, his bite, his shoulders
she couldn't get enough of. The fact was, Grant was
fabulous in bed too, the perfect equal in bed. The power
struggle was amazing. He was amazing. He was all she ever
thought about, but he lived so far away and they only saw
each other once a week. It left her, hungry.
She said she’d be over when he called in a couple
of hours. She got up and took a shower, her mind arguing
the whole time. Why not do it? One side would say. He goes
to strip clubs, every time he calls it’s always something
about a new girl. I don’t want to hear it. But you know
it’s true. Every time that you’ve told him you’re
monogamous, he hasn’t said it back. He lied to you about
sleeping with Carrie. It wouldn’t make any difference,
see, because he’d never know-
“But I’d know!” She screamed at the beige shower
wall. The water beat down on her back, the monotony was
soothing. It wasn’t fair that she didn’t know what was
going on with him, but it wasn’t fair to him to cheat.
She’d never cheated before.
She shook her head and felt tears well up in her
eyes. “I just can’t do it.” The whisper drowned out by the
shower. She thought about Grant’s eyes, those beautiful
brown eyes, and his touch. The time they spent cuddling,
just holding each other. He accepted her, which was more
than she could say for Mark. Although he might have been
god’s gift to females in bed, he sure as hell needed work
everywhere else. It always took away from the moment when
a soft, “You should lose fifteen pounds” wafts through the
air during sex.
Whether it was the anger at Mark or her affection
for Grant, she made a decision.
And it was the right one.
An IM popped up on her screen. It was Grant.
“Hey, how are you doing?”
“Oh, I’m…I’m all right.”
“What are you doing today?”
She stopped for a minute. Just making you proud,
she thought.