whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
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2005-07-08 00:12:47 (UTC)

did i do the riTe ThiNg?

"if you love somethin let it go,if it comes back then it
was urz all along" -tyna

well las nite i finalli broke thru wit mic(lova boi).hes
been actin wierd torwards me lateli(well since a famili
memba died).im not evn gonna front n i told him i dont kno
how 2 deal wit death and fortunateli i havent realli had
2.i didnt wanna front n sai i undastood how he feels cuz i
dont n i told him that 2.we discussed the fact that hes
been actin diff lateli n he duznt wanna talk about wat hes
goin thru n i told him i wuldnt make him.that wuz that.i
sed i undastood he culdnt deal wit death and wit me so
mayb we shuld stop talkin 4 a while.we agreed wen he wuz
readi he wuld gimme a call n the future.i hope wat i did
wuz rite cuz im realli not sure.but 4 once i wuznt thinkin
bout myself but about him.he needs time so ill giv it 2 him
but wat if he duznt come bac 2 me?then i guess ill learn a
lesson n life rite?ha!i jus think he needs some serious
time 2 get his mind 2gether and i feel like im n the way so
ill fall bac.2 bad this had 2 happen rite b4 he decides 2
ax me out rite!guess that wont b happenin now!i realli hope
i did the rite thing.i dont wanna regret this,i dont.did i
do the rite thing?i didnt wanna seem like i wuz givin up on
him but wen i c that theres no way i can possibli help n he
obviosli duznt want it then wat else can i do?wat betta can
i do than giv him some "me" time wit himself.well i guess
well jus hav 2 c if he comes bac.i kno he wont call
2nite.itll b my 1st time not talkin 2 him evrydai.awwwww.on
anotha note my nail iz took me 2 hours 2 take it
off las nite!hehe.its realli short but not that bad thank now thats done.o yea and work wuz good 2dai as out )*(smOoches)*( _*_TynA_*_

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