Random (boring) Thoughts
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2005-07-08 00:11:21 (UTC)

Another Day, Another Dollar

You were all waiting for shit to happen to me. Now it is.

So, I was at work today thinking that I would like some
Sun Chips (what can I say? They're crunchy, they're
delicious, and they're whole grain). I fed my dollar into
the machine and carefully punched in C5. (I was careful
about entering my code because I have been burned by
vending machines in the past. There is nothing worse than
having a craving for Junior Mints and ending up with a two
month old honey bun).

Alas, to my dismay, the machine flashed that dreaded
signal, "Exact change only". No fear, I thought, as there
was a change machine directly adjacent to my position.

I fed my dollar into the change machine, heard the
whirring and buzzing, and waited for the familar clinking
of my change.

But there was only one clink.

As I looked down into the change bin, I saw a bright,
shiny, golden dollar coin.

What the FUCK? This is change? This is not change. This is
a fucking dollar. THAT'S WHAT I PUT IN!!!!! The
term "change" inherently involves some sort of fucking
CHANGE! I mean, that's like giving a starving homeless guy
a frying pan--It's a nice gesture, but altogether

So, among other terrors, that was my day. It's nice to be
back to the journal. A penny for my thoughts, you say?

Not at all necessary. But I could use some quarters . . .