Daroon's Journey To University
2005-07-07 22:28:19 (UTC)

The Star

Just got back from the regular thursday night at the
Star. Man, that was JUST what i needed!

It's always good, but today it was brilliant. Started
with a few rounds of darts, Neil and Faz of course, i
believe Faz won overall which makes four weeks in a row.
Then two games of 'trebbles' (3 on 3) in which i think
both teams won once. Then after that it was time for a
bit of ITbox and pool. First round on the ITbox, not
success, but at the end of the night we won £2! SCORE!

As for the pool, it was 4 on 3, for three rounds,
different teams each time but Bev and Natalie (who don't
always join us on thursday nights) were captains. Bev's
team won 2-1.

Then, and personally this was the highlight of the night,
i offered Steve a lift home, so of course Neil, Joe n Faz
jumped on the car, lol. Faz and Joe bailed when i started
reversing, but Neil got onto the bonnet, and Natalie got
onto him. So i thought, right then, let's go, and off we
did, round the corner, down the road, 25mph, with Neil
planted on the bonnet and Natalie flailing all over the
place on top of him. Now THAT is how you finish a night,

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