Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-07-07 18:20:27 (UTC)

Off to see the wizard, the horrible wizard of prozac.

I'm off to the doctor's soon.
The App is in Cobourg at four .. it's 2:14 now.
Heh kinda funny ... When you get thinking about it, the
cold blunt truth is that .. Nik drove me to slit my wrist.
But I guess it doesn't matter. 'Cause he said he had to
talk to me ... and then he left again.
With my luck here's what's going to happen today:
Nik dumps me.
My dosage gets upped.
I'm forced to take the upped dosage to not feel heart
break and I'll have no time to ... recover.

Jesus I'm thinking of the worst already ...
I just ... Mm -.-
Well right now I'm getting ready ... To go. Think maybe in
my mood's pleasure I'll freak out some norms. Heh why not.
Not like I have anything to care about anymore -.-

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