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2005-07-07 16:18:22 (UTC)

couple days

so i went to beckys house and worked and we had a blast at
night we caled everyone we knew because we were
we called brett and he told us to call back and when we did
he wasnt thier so we got pissed!!! haha... then we went to
bed becuase we were soooo tired haha then i wrote becky a
long ass note that was soo funny! then i came home and
worked more haha great summer rihgt? so the i called nick
and talked to him and invited him over today so i cant wait
i cant stop thinking about him he is soo wonderful!! if
everyone could just meet him you would like him too! i know
bretts mad at me for likeing him but i am so confused right
now it seems like brett really likes me but it hink he just
wants "some"...then their is nathan hes my best friend and
im falling hard for him it sucks! then their is the
wonderful nick who wont lve my mind ever! he is so crazy i
love well like him sooo much but he lives in tennesse so io
dont think it could work out i could go see him whenever i
was off school but i dont know ill write back later!

love you guys!

~*Cicianca Lee*~

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