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2005-07-07 03:01:55 (UTC)

Par-tay on Whyte!

So today:

8:30-1:00 = Math summer school. Whoopdeedoo. We have a
test tomorrow on our first unit. And we're almost done
Conics. I hate it. I really really do.

1:00-4:30 = Jodi and Jacqui pulled up at Sal very
unexpectedly and my mom was like "umm what's Jodi doing
here Nicole?" And I had no idea. So we went over and
talked to them and she was like "Hop in!" So I did and
then we met Kelly and she came in too. Then we drove out
to Annette's, where we got to eat lunch because her
parents invited us in. So after our lunch we all got into
Jodi's car and drove to Whyte Ave. and we walked around
and looked in some stores and we went to this funky bead
store and me, Jacqui and Annette bought cool beads to make
hemp necklaces out of on the way to the mountains. Then it
was all windy and rainy and stuff and yeah. We went into
some pretty cool stores and we were gonna get ice cream
from The Marble Slab only we didn't because supposively
its really expensive and I had like no money whatsoever.
And also me and Annette got old fashioned candy sticks
from and Antique store. Then we all got back into Jodi's
car and went through a Tim's drivethru and got food etc
and timbits. And we were laughing because two timbits were
stuck together and Jodi was like "AHH ITS BALLS!" Then
when we dropped Kelly off by her car we saw Jason Jeffries
and we gave him the left over timbits and the ones that
looked like balls. It was so funny. That silly Jodi.

Then I came home and lazed around for a while and came on
the computer, then we had pancakes for supper (yay to
banana-chocolate chip pancakes!!!) and then me and my mom
sat on the couch and like practically fell asleep and she
was twitching and it was really annoying. Then I had to go
to Kayla's to feed Pepper so I GOT TO DRIVE! And it was
really exciting because I've never gotten to drive out of
Sh. Pk. before and I got to go 100mPh. Which is the
fastest I've ever gotten to drive. And I also did a really
good job. So I was happy. And then I took care of Pepper
and Danielle and Kelly (her friend) played with her for a
bit and then I got to drive back home. And now I'm here
and I'm talking to Annette on msn about our "Erica"
and "Alexis" issues. Haha. And we were talking about the
trip and who we're gonna drive with and etc. But I gotta
go study for math and get off the computer before
everybody gets home from Michelle's soccer game or I'll be
dead meat! Haha tomorrow's steak. Whoot!

Love forever and always,


*gulp* I work tomorrow....:S