Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-07-07 02:06:21 (UTC)


Hmm. There was a test. It was a harmless internet test
that you're supossed to fill out about someone. I filled
it out about Kade and Nik. I told them both to fill it out
about me and send it back ...
Kade knows more about me then Nik does. A fair amount
more ... more of the stuff that matters.
It was just an uneasy feeling to see that ...
I've known Nik since September 2nd. I've known Kade
since ... February 1st? And I didn't really get to know
him for quite a while after that still.
Mm ... I need to release a pent up emotion.
Just mixed emotions ... all swarming in my head. I need a
release. And I'm ready for it ...
I know I just went over the seventh line last night ...
But I need to do it again.
Funny feeling it is to feel you're wrist be slit ... and
to watch the blood run down.
You know it's not a fatal blow ... But your mind wanders.
My mind latches on to the sight of a bleeding wrist
and ... becomes one with it.
You could be having the best or worst of days ... and it
still makes the hollow laugh issue from my mouth. The
hollow laugh of an eager demise. I'm ready for it ...