Daroon's Journey To University
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2005-07-06 23:00:32 (UTC)


Well, today was spent with Steve. This was a very good
thing indeed as i hadn't seen him in a while, and to be
honest it was a welcome distraction from my thoughts.

I woke up late and went round at about 1 i think. We
spent the majority of the day planning our next movie, a
Star Wars parody.

We were planning it, and arranging props, costumes, etc,
today, so we'd have more time to film it with Will present
tomorrow. Most the day was spent writing out scenes and
lists of stuff, etc, but we went up kingswood to get some
light sabers (wrapping paper tubes) and paid a trip to Joe
at Wickes to borrow his Darth Vader mask too, but spent
most the day at his house. After i nipped home for
something to eat (i've lost my appetite in the last few
days) i went back, and we shot a few scenes involving
Darth (steve) and Luke (me) and Leya (jen - steve's sis).
It was going really well but realised we needed Will for
the rest as he plays Obi Wan and Han Solo who are in every
scene we have pretty much. Anyway, after a quick episode
of Krypton Factor Semi Final, it was back home.

I was fucking bummed to receive a text later that night
from Gemma saying that Will didn't want to do anyting
tomorrow (tomorrow we were going to go up the star to
celebrate his birthday, as well as the filming events)
which fucking sucked. I was quite up for going out, plus
Hayley was gonna be there and i quite want to see her at
the moment.

I guess really it's a blessing in disguise as Hayley and i
could use some time apart, but, i dunno, i was really
looking forward to seeing her, as a friend like, but..meh.
I text her earlier telling her it was off, and it was nice
to hear from her, but the few texts she sent haven't
really made me feel any better which sucks, cause i really
don't feel like doing anything now...i mean ever, again, i
could happily lie in my bed forever doing fuck all at the

Oh yes, two more things, one, this entry was written on
wednesday 6th of July, but i think might just be posted
after midnight, secondly, sorry if me talking about Hayley
all the time is starting to annoy people, but frankly,
fuck you, it's my diary, if you don't like it don't read

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