whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
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2005-07-06 21:55:16 (UTC)

mi mAdres secreT life

well all these times my mom has been goin bac n forth 2 atl
hasnt been wat shes been sayin its been.she finalli told me
that she met a guy that she realli likes and he realli
likes ha.its possible they may get married and we're
def.movin happi 4 ha cuz its about time.its a bit
sudden but im a spontaneous kinda xcited but wen she
told me theyre mo than likeli gonna hav a kid i hav 2 admit
a big caution sign went not 2 happi about sharin not
onli my mom but attention but not onli that but the fact
the my "sibling" wont be from the same dad n that feels
realli wierd.if n-e 1 can help me with this and share some
of there stories plz not realli sure how 2 take the
babi part but the rest soundz realli good.movin n startin a
nu life and actualli havin a famili which iv neva had but
always all sounds real out cuz my
finger is still messed up.oh but she also said shell b takn
alot mo trips to ATL and she sed he wants 2 meet me whch is
kool wit long as he duznt try 2 b my dad i wont throw
a fit and i'll b nice.ta~ta )*(smOoches)*(

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