whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
2005-07-06 21:48:31 (UTC)

yo trAbajo!!!

ive got a job!i work at this wonderful summer camp wit kids
from ages 5-13.i absoluteli love it.its soooo much fun.the
kids love me and the teachers that i assist love me 2 so im
pretti happi.mi 2nd class is my fave cuz its the 5 and 6
yr. olds and theyre so cute n realli do sai n do
the darndest things,4 real!they r just so cute i love em i
realli feels so good 2 b workin and so tell ppl o i
hav 2 get up 4 work n the morn.i feel so much olda now n
responsible evn tho i almost woke up 2 late 4 work 2dai jus glad 2 b workin and makin money.bling
bling$$kaching kaching$$ raaar!hehe
)*(smOoches)*( _*_TynA_*_

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