whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
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2005-07-06 21:40:34 (UTC)

wAt A week

well where 2 begin...the weekend b4 last i went 2 sarahs
which was soooo kool.i had fun and i ended up c-n my best
frend since 3rd grade Kevin.i havent seen him since 6th
grade wen i moved from portknoxx so it wuz like a
reunion.turns out he lives around the corner from sarah!so
i popped up at his door cuz im kool like that and he mom
wuz so happi 2 c wuz so nice c-n them again.the next
dai i went bac and got n there pool so it wuz alot of fun.i
spent the rest of las week wit mi padre //womp womp//i wuz
so mentalli drained wen i finalli came home and i wuz neva
happier 2 b home!i wuz so sic of him n his drunk father and
him n his gurlfrend fightin evrydai.the onli kool part wuz
i got 2 spend alot of time wit his g.f so i enjoyed that
alot.i evn got 2 spend 2 daiz wit my bestfrend candance
since i wuz lie 6!i love spendin time wit ha,shes so big
now she graduated high school n evrythin.we did alot of
shoppin...i bought 3 pairs of shoes and a nu i-glass im broke hooray!finalli i came home on sundai n
went 2 a bbq wit nicki which was alot of fun n i got home
round like 12 sumthin.the nes dai nicki went 2 a bbq wit me
on the 4th n da wuz ive had a pretti busi
week n a half but wait!!!!!!!!!THERES MORE!but u hav 2
stick around n c. )*(smOoches)*( _*_TynA_*_

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