The Laughter Inside My Mind
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2005-07-06 16:31:32 (UTC)

Eyes are the windows to our souls

it's weird when i look outside when i'm by myself..too much
time on my hands when i feel myself thinking of i said in earlier entries,if you asked me
what i'm thinking about,i coudn't give a specific answer..
I think about EVERYTHING,but yet it's NOTHING..don't make
sense i know,becuase it's all jumbled up...
I've let my house go..i look around,i wanna scream...
My whole body is heavy...don't know if it's the meds...or
just my feeling of nothingness and emptiness...I'm glad i
go to therapy,i can't do this alone..talking to
jarrod,isn't like talking to one of my regular friends out
here...he is trying to help me,not saying my friends don't
at times,but he's a professional...i stay home too
much..but the wall of my house are so comforting,yet
smothering at the same time....enuff whining for now,i'll
write more later...if i'm not alseep..

With much Love,

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